Machine Learning

Data Science For Business People

Joe can be Project or Product or Delivery Manager.

His manager ask him to learn Machine Learning in one week for following reason .

  • Company is getting a new client in Data Science .
  • They want to improve existing Product through Machine Learning .
  • Start a new Machine Learning division to increase revenue.
  • They want to send Machine Learning proposal to clients,

Joe’s Big Problem

Joe believe he has to learn following things in one week and he is worried for this .

  • Python , Numpy , Pandas
  • ​Math & Statistics
  • ​Machine Learning, Deep Learning,
  • ​Neural Networks, Tensorflow – the list goes on.

Joe approach is Wrong !!!

This strategy for learning everything is not correct.

This strategy will cost Joe time, and likely won’t result in desired outcome

Joe problem was solved when he heard about our Course.

“Machine Learning For Business Leaders with zero coding”

We focus on How to increase Profits?

To apply Machine Learning in a Organization, you need to generate value for the organization.
Solving problems that address KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is the best place to start.

Joe has to use MACHINE LEARNING for following things .

Every day we make decisions based on intuition.

When we use data to improve decision-making, value is generated for the organization by following.

  • Reducing Cost
  • Increased Revenue
  • Maximizing Profit
  • ​Increase Customers,
  • ​Improve Quality, Service, Performance, etc.

Joe Problem was Solved after joining our Course

Lets see what we teach in our Course !!

Joe learn 3 use-case that saved 2 million dollar

What You learn in this Course

There are three section in this course and each section focus building

Section1 : Machine Learning Roadmap

  • ​Introduction
  • ​Secret Formula to become expert in Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression
  • KNN
  • ​K-Means
  • ​Logistic Regression
  • ​Support Vector Machines (SVM)
  • ​Random Forest and Decision Tree

Section 2: Solving Business Problem

  • Reconstructing Business Problems
  • ​Build Use-Cases for Machine Learning
  • Create Proposal that attracts Client
  • 3 Use-cases that saved $2 million Dollar
  • ​20 Use-Cases in different domains

Section 3 : AI Roadmap

  • ​Defining AI Strategy
  • ​AI Roadmap
  • Data For AI
  • AI Architecture Design
  • ​Visualization
  • ​Decision Making
Learn Machine Learning with zero coding and simple explanation
No coding required
Duration 8 hr online Course. 1hr Per day
Cost Rs.45,000 Only
In 8 days you are ready to manage Machine Learning Assignment
You can start your own company in Analytics after taking this Course.
Change Your Life.
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